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We are a MOBILE VR production/capture company

News reports, and articles (even from TIME and Forbes) underestimate the big picture of the impact of 360VR. We don't.

While working on an amazing research project "book-  Mechanisms of Influence" , a new Media Platform developed 360/ Virtual Reality 

Integrating digital v.r. displays with captured 360 video recordings of real life locations, experiences, and events is SO disruptive that it has the ability to effect the necessary change, that may perhaps re stabilize our environment and "save the world" or it may do great harm.

We have Pioneered and innovated incredible uses of 360VR technology that just may do much good while avoiding most bad.

Our Research project helped reveal to us a much greater uses for the tech that may disrupt how we interact with the world, ourselves and each other.

We can alter how we Navigate information, how we communicate, how we manipulate gene expression, how we measure homeostasic systems and even how to predict behaviour patterns.

We ask your for your assistance in sharing this information. To help with that.....

This website was created as a VR navigation portal to Virtual Reality Experiences and information.

This site is designed for improving quality of life as it provides ease of access to important content and services.

Thank you for your time.

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Futurism; Where Technology is headed.


I’ll save you some time and trouble researching, guessing and worrying about where technology is headed, and instead simply just tell you what you can expect. Perhaps even together, we can speed things along.

Soon, the single most important mobile device that you will have, will perform several vital functions and may look similar to this.

With the latest development of flexible screens and circuitry your device becomes a handheld computer tablet when needed by either flipping, folding or stretching it to a full size. It will be fairly tough and rugged, yet light and cheap to replace.


When connected to another device, they seamlessly merge and expand the viewing area, allowing for a few people together to assemble a communal TV.


For convenience it will wrap around your wrist and operate similar to a smartwatch. It will become your contact entry point and cue device using audio, visual and haptic vibrations. It will monitor your biometrics, like your sleep cycles, pulse, temperature and many more.


The device can be inverted and wrapped around your head to provide either Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality experiences, adding to, or replacing your perceived environment. Allowing you access to a global experience database. (similar to how the net provides knowledge) and allows you to surf (navigate) through static and video webpages in 360 VR. All businesses should get on board right away.


It will most likely contains a personal assistant, with the most recent development of Artificial Intelligence which help you be more efficient with your life. It will also control (and monitor for risk assessment) what (biometric) information you share and to whom. It will manage your “If this then that requests” and become your own life coach.


It will (obviously) have Tango, be WIFI and Bluetooth Enabled, and be able to broadcast to audio and video to any devices as needed. (360 cameras, headphones, nearby Televisions or other devices) It will also be able to share its view with other smart devices, offering an inter-connectivity tool of unprecedented value, oh and it interacts with your smart devices in the Internet of things)

The most amazing thing about this device is that you Already own the prototype. Its probably in your pocket right now. (you may even be reading this on it)

Your current Device most likely has the ability to do everything mentioned above.

If you watch a 360 video on YouTube and click the mask symbol (bottom right), you can enter your device into a cardboard VR device and experience a form of Virtual Reality entertainment called 360VR. (someday, it will work with all videos, (it will create a theater room for you, so get on this #YouTube)


You can open “full” CGI VR apps and experience “true” VR using navigation by controller or by head direction) (soon it will navigate by tracking your eyes and your gaze. ahem #Samsung)



You can install Apps for augmented reality like Scopic, ( Snapchat or Msqrd. still need to add Landscape Splitscreen mode to view in Cardboard VR viewers) and experience the beginning of the Augmented reality — & Metaverse. (soon QR codes will provide the trigger for the augments )


If you have BlueTooth, Wifi, Siri or Chrome cast, you can already send video to nearby TVs , Headsets and do tons of stuff by voice command interface.

oh, and if you want you, your mobile device can even be attached to your wrist.


So tell everyone, and lets get this product upgraded and delivered A.S.A.P. It has the potential to improve quality of life, ease of access to information and experience. In the long run, it might help us save the planet by disrupting/realigning our travel and resource consumption systems.

(oh, and give me a call, i’d like to be on the team that develops it)

Zen @

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