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A This Is Me In 360 V.R. Project

We are a MOBILE VR production/capture company

News reports, and articles (even from TIME and Forbes) underestimate the big picture of the impact of 360VR. We don't.

While working on an amazing research project "book-  Mechanisms of Influence" , a new Media Platform developed 360/ Virtual Reality 

Integrating digital v.r. displays with captured 360 video recordings of real life locations, experiences, and events is SO disruptive that it has the ability to effect the necessary change, that may perhaps re stabilize our environment and "save the world" or it may do great harm.

We have Pioneered and innovated incredible uses of 360VR technology that just may do much good while avoiding most bad.

Our Research project helped reveal to us a much greater uses for the tech that may disrupt how we interact with the world, ourselves and each other.

We can alter how we Navigate information, how we communicate, how we manipulate gene expression, how we measure homeostasic systems and even how to predict behaviour patterns.

We ask your for your assistance in sharing this information. To help with that.....

This website was created as a VR navigation portal to Virtual Reality Experiences and information.

This site is designed for improving quality of life as it provides ease of access to important content and services.

Thank you for your time.

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