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News reports, and articles (even from TIME and Forbes) underestimate the big picture of the impact of 360VR. We don't.

While working on an amazing research project "book-  Mechanisms of Influence" , a new Media Platform developed 360/ Virtual Reality 

Integrating digital v.r. displays with captured 360 video recordings of real life locations, experiences, and events is SO disruptive that it has the ability to effect the necessary change, that may perhaps re stabilize our environment and "save the world" or it may do great harm.

We have Pioneered and innovated incredible uses of 360VR technology that just may do much good while avoiding most bad.

Our Research project helped reveal to us a much greater uses for the tech that may disrupt how we interact with the world, ourselves and each other.

We can alter how we Navigate information, how we communicate, how we manipulate gene expression, how we measure homeostasic systems and even how to predict behaviour patterns.

We ask your for your assistance in sharing this information. To help with that.....

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Have a VR y Merry X-Mas 2017. How Virtual Reality will connect your family this holiday season


by Zen @

click text links for articles and videos if you are unfamiliar with the tech

This holiday season will be like no other before it. With Virtual Reality devices and 360 cameras now nearly everywhere. Someone at your family get-together will have either one, or the other. This is what you should expect to Learn, See and Do during these upcoming holidays. There are three paths available , and chances are quite high that you will experience all three. Have fun


Console /PC VR path

  1. You will try out a complete VR rig, most likely room scale. (which means you can move about) It will either be Playstation VR, Oculus Rift or HTC vive. You will be guided to either sit in a swivel chair or stand in an open space. You will wear a VR headset, you may have controllers. It will be awesome.
  2. You will play a few games, maybe watch a few short 360 videos and the experiences will be pleasant if you request to not try the ones with lots of fast motion and movement. (those will get a bit nauseated, so keep these to a minimum) I also recommend you ask your “VR Guide” not to frighten you in any way, or expose you to “fear based” content (as a first experience.) Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other stuff to try. try one of my 360 videos.
  3. Your Mind will be BLOWN with the potential applications of this amazing technology. You will start to see how it is about to impact our society, this amazing new tool can alter and improve how people learn, how we communicate and travel over distances, or even how we surf the internet. It will affect your business, it will connect with everything. Incredible.


360 camera path

  1. You will be shown a weird camera that captures in all directions. It may be a ball shaped object or have multiple cameras attached together. Like a “black hole of all light” it photographs an entire region (the size of a room ) and makes interesting 360 content. If you record 360 video (some devices also do LIVE streaming) you now have a format that you can “enter into” using Virtual Reality devices. WOW tell everyone. It’s a more passive VR experience, you cant move around too much (but there is gaze and teleporting navigation options)
  2. Someone will Take a 360 photograph of the entire family, most likely with everyone all AROUND the camera. Go with it, it’l be fun. Later on, if a VR device is present. you will be able to see what that content is like. You can “enter that image”, BECOME the camera and can suddenly be with your family in VR. Once you have a VR device of your own, those first images will be treasured forever as moments in time you can “re-visit”. You will discuss the positive and negative possibilities and security risks of such a technology.
  3. If 360 video recording or Live streaming is taking place then you are in for a treat. Presents are being opened , meals and conversations are being shared and those memories will be forever retrievable and viewable in VR devices. Someday your kids will “revisit” their childhood moments. With live streaming, you can be “present” with your family from anywhere in the world. Ya I know, that’s astounding!


Mobile device path

  1. You will learn how to use your Own mobile device to watch 360 videos, like these two : Animal or Travel Experience (mine). Then learn how to view that content in a cardboard VR viewer or Mobile VR device. Yes, its’ true, the mobile device you carry around does both 360 capture and VR viewing.
  2. You will install VR apps and probably 360 video player (YouTube) have many incredible experiences. (cardboard is a low level experience, but for 10$ its worth it) Gear VR is a good Step up. both also offers early Augmented reality abilities you can try out.


-bonus activities for non-apple users (at the moment)

  1. You will probably install vTime and have a 360 or VR conversation (like a video conference call) with other People Elsewhere in the world.
  2. You may also try AltSpace and interact (move about) in a Virtual Environment with family members or other people elsewhere in the world.

Unknown at the time of writing this,

  1. Will Daydream VR be in the marketplace? Will it work for iPhones?
  2. Will Facebook’s VR social app be released and on all platforms? Which ones?
  3. Will PlayStation Pro offer improved abilities to the VR experience?
  4. Will haptic feedback devices be more common by Xmas?
  5. Will internet Providers be ready for the surge in use?
  6. Where is all this technology headed?

Here are 10 more must-read articles about VR

Futurism; Where Technology is headed.


I’ll save you some time and trouble researching, guessing and worrying about where technology is headed, and instead simply just tell you what you can expect. Perhaps even together, we can speed things along.

Soon, the single most important mobile device that you will have, will perform several vital functions and may look similar to this.

With the latest development of flexible screens and circuitry your device becomes a handheld computer tablet when needed by either flipping, folding or stretching it to a full size. It will be fairly tough and rugged, yet light and cheap to replace.


When connected to another device, they seamlessly merge and expand the viewing area, allowing for a few people together to assemble a communal TV.


For convenience it will wrap around your wrist and operate similar to a smartwatch. It will become your contact entry point and cue device using audio, visual and haptic vibrations. It will monitor your biometrics, like your sleep cycles, pulse, temperature and many more.


The device can be inverted and wrapped around your head to provide either Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality experiences, adding to, or replacing your perceived environment. Allowing you access to a global experience database. (similar to how the net provides knowledge) and allows you to surf (navigate) through static and video webpages in 360 VR. All businesses should get on board right away.


It will most likely contains a personal assistant, with the most recent development of Artificial Intelligence which help you be more efficient with your life. It will also control (and monitor for risk assessment) what (biometric) information you share and to whom. It will manage your “If this then that requests” and become your own life coach.


It will (obviously) have Tango, be WIFI and Bluetooth Enabled, and be able to broadcast to audio and video to any devices as needed. (360 cameras, headphones, nearby Televisions or other devices) It will also be able to share its view with other smart devices, offering an inter-connectivity tool of unprecedented value, oh and it interacts with your smart devices in the Internet of things)

The most amazing thing about this device is that you Already own the prototype. Its probably in your pocket right now. (you may even be reading this on it)

Your current Device most likely has the ability to do everything mentioned above.

If you watch a 360 video on YouTube and click the mask symbol (bottom right), you can enter your device into a cardboard VR device and experience a form of Virtual Reality entertainment called 360VR. (someday, it will work with all videos, (it will create a theater room for you, so get on this #YouTube)


You can open “full” CGI VR apps and experience “true” VR using navigation by controller or by head direction) (soon it will navigate by tracking your eyes and your gaze. ahem #Samsung)



You can install Apps for augmented reality like Scopic, ( Snapchat or Msqrd. still need to add Landscape Splitscreen mode to view in Cardboard VR viewers) and experience the beginning of the Augmented reality — & Metaverse. (soon QR codes will provide the trigger for the augments )


If you have BlueTooth, Wifi, Siri or Chrome cast, you can already send video to nearby TVs , Headsets and do tons of stuff by voice command interface.

oh, and if you want you, your mobile device can even be attached to your wrist.


So tell everyone, and lets get this product upgraded and delivered A.S.A.P. It has the potential to improve quality of life, ease of access to information and experience. In the long run, it might help us save the planet by disrupting/realigning our travel and resource consumption systems.

(oh, and give me a call, i’d like to be on the team that develops it)

Zen @

10 Must-read Virtual Reality Futurism articles

360 video kills privacy & creates serious security risks.


Your Business and privacy are at risk, but there are steps that can be taken.

With the latest Camera technology (known as 360 camera filmography), you can record or live stream, a moment of time , a wedding, a concert, a sporting event, your baby’s first step, a secure location or even a job site. Anything. Then using Virtual Reality devices (using your PC or mobile cell phone and GearVR or cardboard V.R (5–100$) you can relive that moment again, or be there LIVE (digitally).

You see, when you put on the VR viewers you become the camera that was recording or streaming and can be “present” in that location. This is world changing news, if any of this is new information to you, you’re way behind in technology innovation news and should watch the tutorials at

So, with that knowledge in mind, some questions about security and privacy invariably pop up.

(To Access the 360 video links in your PC or mobile device and be sure to set the resolution to highest. They are best viewed through YouTube so if needed, click the three dots at the top right and “Open in YouTube app”. To truly enjoy them to their fullest, I suggest sitting in a swivel chair so you can rotate around and look at everything.) OR alternately use the Enabler app OR a VR web browser such as : Samsung VR net browser to accesss YouTube videos on your GearVR.

For job site or security cameras the upgrade allows TelePresence monitoring, Employers can check in on their staff in restaurants, construction sites etc which is a fantastic safety tool, but when used by unknown persons in your private areas they can pose a potentially security breach. Perhaps some locations should ban the use of 360 cameras. Banks, Government institutions, museums, theaters, military bases, and casinos until more research is completed on the implications of virtual presence in private locations.

Private casino capture (security test)

On the other hand with the technology becoming mainstream, 360 captures will start taking place everywhere, in public spaces, and due to the nature of the spherical capture, few people are aware they are being recorded. The all encompassing nature of these devices means that there will be less and less areas to hide if you wish to remain out of photographs. Facial recognition technology, when combined with 360 capture may eliminate the last vestige of anonymity in public areas. Perhaps until consumer awareness is developed, those capturing with 360 cameras should carry a sign stating ( you are being recorded) so as to not infringe on peoples right to knowing when theyre actions are being documented.

Public capture of 360

Technological developments are accelerating, they bring great promise to improve our lives in many ways, but they are not without risks and dangers. Personally I love 360VR tech, I just think we shouldn’t blindly embrace it without considering the possible negative ramifications. It may be time to discuss these Before the issues begin to arise. At the very least consider covering up 360 and VR cameras (or sensors) when not in use.

for more risk Research visit: Facebook Risks-and-Benefits-of-Virtual-Reality-AR

Zen @

The video/web setting that’s changing Everything. GLSM aka WebVR

GLSM. Gyroscopic Landscape Split-screen Mode. or “WebVR” Do you know what that is? If you do, then you’re probably not reading this (because you’re out telling everyone), if you don’t, then read on and I’ll explain it to you as best I can in Txt.

360 cameras are devices that record in every direction, like some sort of photonic black hole they capture light from every angle to a single point. Typically placed on a tripod at the center of an activity or scenic location, when you watch this type of video on your PC you can click and drag the screen to rotate your viewing angle. Very cool.

When you watch this type of 360 video on a device that has gyroscopes, like a mobile phone (it measures your movements), you can rotate around and look everywhere as if your device becomes a magic window. Also very cool. I suggest sitting in a swivel chair to try this. (some apps also work like this try Vtime)

Here’s the important part ; LANDSCAPE, SPLIT SCREEN MODE. A new feature popping up in apps and videos everywhere. For example. In YouTube, it’s a mask symbol on the bottom right corner of every 360 video. in Facebook its an oculus symbol on the top left corner of both video AND images, on other sites it may simply be the letters VR. Here’s what it means: If you watch that 360 video on a gyroscopic enabled device (aka ipad or mobile phone) and hit that button while in Landscape mode, it will Split the Screen into two,( two screens, for two eye ). That’s where something magical happens. You can now watch that video or any 360 GLSM Website in Virtual Reality devices or I should say “Enter” because its really immersive. This is the trick for watching VR content on Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR and all the other VR devices (in some way shape or form). ( it’s also the future of web navigation)


Hold onto your goggles, cause there’s more, much more. GLSM is not simply for converting 360 videos into Virtual reality experiences, (as if that wasnt enough) it’s about to do something way, way cooler. It will help create our Augmented world. Let me explain.


Have you seen Filters? It’s when an app recognizes faces and superimposes an animation over top. To try it, you open up a filter app on your mobile device, such as Snapchat or Msqrd. and choose a filter and move your device around, when the software finds a face it Augments it. Notice how it functions gyroscopically (though technically its simple video streaming) now, imagine using your device in Landscape mode with the Split-Screen function enabled, similarly to a 360 video. You could then put your device in Google Cardboard or GearVR and suddenly your VR device, becomes an AR device. Thanks to facial recognition and the pass through camera you can now have Puppy faces on everyone.


When people realize the full potential of this simple trick, the VR and AR markets will explode!. Already there are apps to filter the world into art or black and white (scopic) and augmented glasses for correcting vision issues like color blindness. Imagine Pokemon Go with this feature, players could wear goggles when chasing pokemon in parks. Museums could use QR codes used as markers to make their exhibits come to life. Logos on packages can come to life. The future of advertising is about to get weird.

watch this video to see the big picture.

Now, I can’t explain to you why YouTube (aka Google) didn’t tell the worldabout this new technological innovation. (It would be quite easy for them to do.) Maybe someone should suggest this too them. ;-)


Google Daydream is awesome and enables access to content using GLSM, I just hope they continue to innovate rapidly. WebVR is becoming the standard for VR access and as more companies embrace it the easier we can move forward.

Anyway, I’m off to capture some more awesome 360 video content for you to view in VR. Be sure to follow my YouTube channel for more news, innovations and experiences.


360V.R. Video lets you relive life’s best moments. Go Tell Everybody!

As a lover of all things Video and Technology based, I couldn’t help but dive right into the world of 360 once i learned that you could watch the content in Virtual Reality Devices. That’s right. If that’s news to you, you’re way behind in technology innovation news and should watch the tutorials at

Basically, using the latest Camera technology (known as 360 camera filmography), you can record a moment of time , a wedding, a concert, a sporting event, your baby’s first step. Anything. Then using Virtual Reality devices (using your PC or mobile cell phone and GearVR or cardboard V.R (5–100$) you can relive that moment again. When you put on the VR viewers you become the camera, that was recording, and can be “present” , in that moment again. This is world changing news, yet nobody seems to know about this yet.

So, with that knowledge in mind, I went on a trip of a lifetime across Canada, telling everyone who would listen and recording lots of travels and adventures that you can “experience” yourself in either 360 gyroscopic motion or in V.R. viewers My hope is that the following videos might help spread the knowledge of this amazing technological development.

Access the 360 video links in your PC or mobile device and be sure to set the resolution to highest. They are best viewed through YouTube so if needed, click the three dots at the top right and “Open in YouTube app”. To truly enjoy them to their fullest, I suggest sitting in a swivel chair so you can rotate around and look at everything.

For Gear VR users, you can access them best through this Facebook link, (click top left icon in the videos), OR alternately use the Enabler app OR a VR web browser such as : samsung VR net browser to accesss YouTube videos on your GearVR.

I Visited Tofino, Vancouver, Hope,Whistler , Harrison Hot Springs, Golden , Kelowna , Nakusp, Revelstoke BC, Banff, Lake Louise , Jasper, Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton Alberta, Regina Sask, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal Qc, Edmunston NB, and Oak Island Nova Scotia, Peggys cove here is an awesome video compilation

To capture all those great places I Drove 7500 kms, Crossing Canada Twice, across BC4 times and I saw bears, moose, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, whales, otters, jellyfish, harbour porpoises, salmon . I also fed wild seals, you gotta see. Here is a compilation video of animal experiences. (fun warning, you will get licked by a 60ft tall puppy)

Adventures including: Mountain Pipe Coaster, Quad-ding, Stanley park AquariumZip-liningWest Edmonton Mall, Heli-Tour, Hot springs, Whale watching, Boating, Summit hiking, gondola rides, Treasure hunting, Camping, storm chasing and way more

all of these experiences can be accessed by clicking on them or can be found on my growing YouTube 360VR Channel Nearly 300 videos and growing! (Please subscribe and share. )

Even more content is accessible at my 360VR. Content Portal — a Homepage for your Virtual Reality Device. This Is Me In VR .com provides ease of access to VR content as it is created. (also, if you want to see the future of the internet, try the 360 Beta link to Navigate between PORTALS from ‘within’ your mobile or V.R. device simply by looking a PORTAL buttons. (wild stuff, web surfing will never be the same)

For GEARVR Users and Facebook fans, here is good list of Facebook groups and pages you should join to keep up to date with the advances in the industry.

our Facebook Page This Is Me in 360 VR

Main :VR AR facebook Group-

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360 Pic collections: 360vrpics/

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