This Is Me In VR.COM

A This Is Me In 360 V.R. Project

We are a MOBILE VR production/capture company

News reports, and articles (even from TIME and Forbes) underestimate the big picture of the impact of 360VR. We don't.

While working on an amazing research project "book-  Mechanisms of Influence" , a new Media Platform developed 360/ Virtual Reality 

Integrating digital v.r. displays with captured 360 video recordings of real life locations, experiences, and events is SO disruptive that it has the ability to effect the necessary change, that may perhaps re stabilize our environment and "save the world" or it may do great harm.

We have Pioneered and innovated incredible uses of 360VR technology that just may do much good while avoiding most bad.

Our Research project helped reveal to us a much greater uses for the tech that may disrupt how we interact with the world, ourselves and each other.

We can alter how we Navigate information, how we communicate, how we manipulate gene expression, how we measure homeostasic systems and even how to predict behaviour patterns.

We ask your for your assistance in sharing this information. To help with that.....

This website was created as a VR navigation portal to Virtual Reality Experiences and information.

This site is designed for improving quality of life as it provides ease of access to important content and services.

Thank you for your time.

These LIVE FEEDS can be viewed in most Virtual Reality Viewers using Various browsers configurations

Our live VR Streams 

#1 LIVE VR Gameplay Zen PSVR cam - YouTube Gaming (weekly)

#2 LIVE 360VR FEED - Zen HugVR 360 cam - YouTube (for events)

 #3 Zen LIVE  - Social cam - Facebook (Live.Me coming soon)

#4 Live 360 feed - This Is Me - Periscope

MAIN Live Broadcast sites

  YouTube   HugVR  and soon Facebook

 for Live VR experiences and other Live Social Interactions visit for Oculus (Gear vr included)

 VTime, for cardboard and Oculus (Gear VR)

Evivoo, VarPort  & uhm... XXX

& my  VP Site APP Beta (ios need this)

Live Gaming

Gaming.Youtube and Daily Motion

Suggested rules for creating content

Watch 360 V.R. Video Link on these suggested rules for recording Enjoyable 360 videos

1. CONSENT. Get recorded verbal or written Consent from all recorded/ captured people (or parents and guardians in the case of children) Post signs in area stating "Filming in progress" when possible. .

2. Mind the Goal, improve Quality of life.  Respect yourself, others, your video host and your Global audience.  Immersive Videos are very influential on young ones, avoid Violence, swearing, smoking etc...

3. Descriptive warnings for videos, Let viewer know if the video is   Gross, scary, confusing, shocking, nauseating etc...

4. Keep the camera as stable as possible, tripods are ideal, nausea is not. Dollies and stabilizers are okay., Keep camera at eye level.  Approx 6ft.  (non-eye level shots should be classified as sensory illusions   ex:  low, high, floated, or thrown)

5. If you must move the camera Go Slow, (Do not move quickly to avoid nauseating viewer). Also, warn the viewer first with verbal warning, (helps the brain accept the movement) then make slow deliberate movements   (style exception:  biking, swimming, skiing etc) Be mindful of the lighting and resolution.  Soft, bright, outdoor lighting is best.  Slow movements in low resolution to avoid blur (know your focal range,  not all cameras are created equal).

6. Keep things interesting all around., viewers look everywhere, not just at you, surround the camera. Be original, don't just copy or piggyback on anothers'  successes, be innovative, contribute New content and material.

7.  Watch your peripherals.  Copyright law, Remove or cover product logos, watch for and avoid accidental unauthorized Product placement, do not reproduce others work or brand without express permission. (also avoid having mirrors nearby, odd effect)

8. Respect off-Limit areas.  Restricted and private areas such as Banks, Restrooms, Private properties, Military Bases, Government Offices, Celebrity Homes,  and also at admission services such as concerts, sporting events , movie theaters and museums.  (unless permission is obtained and/or admission fees collected ex: Pay per view V.R. Videos)

9. BODY LANGUAGE.  eye contact, interact and engage with the camera/viewer to avoid Voyeur feeling for audience (unless filming movie or intended goal is to create the illusion of presence without influence)

10. Share. The combined collection of all our works results in our recorded bubbles interacting with each other. Multiple Captured recordings in one location can be merged to create navigable spaces, building up the DIGITAL Copy of earth's past. The "DigiEarth", or the "EarthThatWas".